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Anonymous said: I understand trying to make comics female friendly, but aren't you guys worried that you're going to lose your core audience which is male? In the X-books you've had more focus on the likes on these females like jean and kitty while it should be Cyclops who has been the star of the X-Men comics for years. What warrants these characters more page time than him? Jean and kitty are secondary characters. You guys listen too much to women bitching. They cause so much freakin drama in comicdom.




Wow.  you are the first person who I am kind of glad asked your question anonymously because I don’t want to know you.  

 as a reader of my work I want you to listen to me very carefully: you have major major issues. almost every line of your question reeks of complete misunderstanding of yourself as a man and of women in general.

 it’s okay to find yourself more interested in something than others, of course it is,  it’s okay to like Cyclops more than Jean Grey, but for you to draw the line at women characters not being interesting to you because you are a man or that you think I am being manipulated by some bitching women is really out there.

 and as a reader of the X-Men whose entire philosophy is about tolerance and understanding… you are missing the point.

Graphic novelist Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of Miles Morales (Spider-man), answers a question from a Marvel fan about Brian Wood’s X-Men book featuring an all-women superhero team.

Thank you, Bendis!

1) Why should the core audience of superhero comics be predominantly male? Why not diversify the audience as much as possible? Surely that makes the most sense from a business standpoint.

B) Why are female characters seen as targeted towards female readers? I’m male, and I’ve always liked characters like Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Storm, the Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Aurora, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Huntress (well, the pre-Crisis version), Starfire, Raven, etc at least as much as many male characters. (Similarly, I’m straight and white, but I like many superheroes who are queer and/or People of Color as much as any Caucasian characters.)

Ω) As Bendis pointed out, one person’s preferences do not and should not dictate the entire spectrum of comics.

What a great response. It’s the old problem of male as the default gender. Female characters are only seen as relatable to women, but male characters are relatable to everyone. See also: hetero vs. LGBTQ characters, white vs. POC, there’s always a “default”, privileged group that everyone else is expected to identify with, but those in the privileged group aren’t expected to try to identify with others. Matrix of oppression! Kyriarchy!
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Full frontal male nudity! Butt too!



…Or the dog. Or when you’re having sex. My boyfriend once got a cold border collie nose to the ass.

  • Nintendo: WHAT DO YOU WANT?
  • Nintendo: WHEN DO YOU WANT IT?
  • Fans: N-
  • Nintendo: so lego batman is a really great game
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Atheist are routinely asked how people will know not to rape and murder without religion telling them not to do it, especially a religion that backs up the orders with threats of hell. Believers, listen to me carefully when I say this: When you use this argument, you terrify atheists. We hear you saying that the only thing standing between you and Ted Bundy is a flimsy belief in a supernatural being made up by pre-literate people trying to figure out where the rain came from. This is not very reassuring if you’re trying to argue from a position of moral superiority.

10 Myths Many Religious People Hold About Atheists, Debunked  (via astheplanetsbend)

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Governor Brownback is missing the point. If he wanted to cut taxes for EVERY Kansan he would be pushing for property tax relief. 

But he doesn’t want to cut your taxes. His idea of a tax cut will actually cause your tax bill to go up. 

And it comes at the expense of the schools that you and families in your community depend on. It puts even more of our most vulnerable at risk. It means state workers won’t see a decent paycheck any time soon. 

Contact your legislator today and tell them to support tax relief for ALL Kansans. Tell them to focus on property tax relief, and to forget about Brownback’s income tax cuts that will cost most Kansans more than they pay today. 

I can’t even describe how tired I am of seeing dudes across the Internet taking it upon themselves to join the Steve Harvey Apprenticeship Program. Oh, you haven’t heard of that? That’s the program in which by virtue of nothing more than their penises, men get up on their Social Media Soapboxes and dictate to all women far and wide within the reaches of their status update, what clothes they should or should not wear, what makeup they should or should not wear, how they should or should not wear their hair, how they should or should not talk, walk and have sex… …Well, I’m here to tell you wannabes…STFU. Shut the ENTIRE f*ck up. Nobody asked you. Really. None of us can construct a f*ck to give about your opinions about anything to do with us. You’re out of line and doing way too much and not enough, all at the same time…

“Well, I’m here to tell you wannabes…STFU. Shut the ENTIRE f*ck up. Nobody asked you. Really. None of us can construct a f*ck to give about your opinions about anything to do with us.”


“Everybody Wanna Be Steve Harvey, But Don’t Nobody Wanna Wear The Suit! (via blaqadence)

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